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aka. the UNIX philosophy.

Don’t Boil The Ocean

Don’t try to solve all problems at once. Focus on one problem, it’ll be bigger than you think.

Subpattern: The Civic CMS trend

“I need a site that has a neighborhood community calendar and a social network and a blog and a map and…”

The boringest interaction model ever. These sites often end up abandoned: blogs with no posts for months, empty calendars, and spam-filled comments. Before starting one, ask “Who’s going to update it regularly?” and “Why will someone read it?” Instead, consider starting a Facebook page, mailing list, Google calendar, or Twitter feed – see the Go to the People pattern, above.

A civic CMS might just be what you need if you already have an active online community that wants to take another step. For example, if your neighbors already all read your blog for events, but you want to make it easy for them to add their own, a CMS could be the solution. Just be wary of trying to do it all at once.